Chairmans speech

          On 2016, Wei Hua shares, is an important strategic landing, the company of "forest board integration" strategy to continue to depth, established the strategic policy of "new materials" forestry forestry and new energy industry double development, enrich the "safety first, environmental friendly, Seiko manufacturing, quality sound of the enterprise.

          Social responsibility is the development of an enterprise must correctly face the issue, as a part of the whole social system, the development of enterprises related to business owners, employees, community environment, city environment, and other aspects of the interests of consumers, at the same time, also by the supervision from the aspects of the society, is of great significance.

          For the shares of Weihua, the sustainable development of the enterprise and the social responsibility of the enterprise are the priority issues in the business. While realizing the development of enterprises, the company responds to the expectations and demands of stakeholders such as shareholders and suppliers, and achieves win-win and sustainable development. The company not only requires all enterprises across the country to abide by the law and regulate operation, create employment opportunities for local businesses, but also require their enterprises to take an active part in local public welfare activities, so as to achieve a harmonious and prosperous situation among the government, communities, enterprises and employees.

          In the face of the wood-based panel industry overcapacity situation, the national trend of supply side reform, Weihua shares flow, eliminated the backward production line, and the elimination of high energy consumption, low levels of environmental protection products. To create "employee health, safety energy ecology, reform of the wage system, improve the production environment, transformation of sports facilities, improve the" live "standard, activate the employee passion; foreign to create" close partner "ecology, through the adjustment of product structure, take the initiative to fill the market gap, a full range of customer production chain integration docking market construction embrace, customer demand, formed a good development pattern of shareholder satisfaction, employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction".

          In 2017, Wei Hua shares will insist on a "ecological priority, environmental priority" the road of sustainable development, cultivating the self forest land area of about 300 thousand acres of commercial forest base, to achieve full coverage of FSC products of forest certification, all products meet environmental health standards; strive to achieve the "customer first, win-win cooperation" to develop market, and furniture industry brand enterprises to form alliances, in order to function, differentiation, fine deep end customer market; continue adhering to the "safety first, staff management ideas, guide the harmonious" shaping the cultural gene everlasting; pioneering and innovative "continuous improvement, world without end" of the craftsmen of the road, as in the past, to society and create more the surprise and value for customers.

          Weihua shares always firmly believe that if the social responsibility of the enterprise is compatible with the cultural construction concept of the enterprise, it will win more extensive respect.

                                        Limited by Share Ltd, Guangdong: Chairman of the Limited by Share Ltd