Company profile

            Guangdong Weihua Limited by Share Ltd was founded in December 29, 2001, the headquarters is located in the Futian District China Airlines Center in Shenzhen City, and the registered capital is 535 million yuan. In May 23, 2008, the company successfully listed on the small and medium enterprise board of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (securities code: 002240, securities for short: Weihua shares).

            The company is in the traditional industry (high density fiberboard) 2016 production and sales, tree planting and sales, the company to accelerate the strategic layout, through capital holdings million Hong high-tech and Zhiyuan Li industry, the company's business extends to the lithium salt and rare earth products production and sales of new energy sources, new materials, the new new energy materials business and wood-based panel business double main business formation and development pattern.



            Production and sales of lithium lithium industry engaged in Zhiyuan products, designed annual production capacity of 20 thousand tons, 10 thousand tons of lithium battery grade lithium hydroxide monohydrate and 10 thousand tons of battery grade lithium carbonate, advanced technology, mature production capacity among the forefront of the country, the
products are mainly used in the cathode material of lithium battery and lithium poly phenylene sulfide, molecular sieve and production in areas such as lithium metal. With the rapid development of the new energy vehicle industry and the increasing consumption of electronic products such as mobile phones, the demand for lithium battery industry is booming, which provides huge market space for lithium products. In addition, the company's annual production of 1000 tons of lithium metal subsidiary has also been set up.

            000 Philip high engaged in comprehensive recovery and utilization of waste magnetic materials in the production and sale of rare earth products, designed annual production capacity of processing waste magnetic materials is 12 thousand tons, after the expected annual production of 2000 tons of rare earth oxides, products with praseodymium neodymium oxide, and covers gadolinium oxide, holmium oxide, dysprosium oxide, terbium oxide and other rare earth elements oxide, mainly used in the field of permanent magnetic materials, catalyst, glass, ceramics, hard alloy, production scale, technical level and rich product line are in the forefront of the domestic.

            The company has 5 business board on behalf of imported international advanced level in the (high) density fiberboard production line (located in Guangdong province Fengkai County, Qingyuan City, Liaoning Province, Taian County in Hebei province Qiuxian and Hubei County in Nanzhang province), are located in the domestic forest resources is abundant, market and convenient transportation near the cities and counties. The main products are "weilibang brand" (high density fiberboard), has been rated as "quality products in Guangdong province", "brand-name products in Guangdong province" and "national Mianjian products, products are widely used in furniture industry, doors, wood floors and other interior decoration, decoration industry, also used in PCB plate fan, blade plate, shoe plate, audio, packaging, automotive interior, sports equipment and other fields. The annual production capacity of the medium (high) density fiberboard in the company is more than 1 million cubic meters. It is one of the large MDF production enterprises in the country.

            In June 2017, the company completed the change of the controlling shareholder and the actual controller. Sheng Tun group became the new controlling shareholder of the company. This will help to improve the company's performance and business transformation and upgrading.

            In the future, the company will accelerate strategic layout on the one hand, increase investment in new energy and new materials, and strive to become a leading enterprise in the field of new energy and new materials. On the other hand, it will continue to strengthen investment and make excellent and strong man making plate business. The company will drive the company to continue to develop through dual main industry, enhance the company's risk and profitability, and create better returns for shareholders.