management idea

          Weihua shares has been adhering to the "harmonious coexistence with nature, prosperity and social development" business purposes, and actively fulfill their social responsibilities, to enhance customer satisfaction on the strategic height of enterprise development, to provide the best products and service for customers, so as to fulfill the cornerstone of social responsibility. Social responsibility is not only reflected in the quality of products, health and environmental protection, but also reflected in the production management of the enterprise, through the whole process of production and management.
          Since its establishment, we not only pay attention to the quality, health and environmental protection of the products, but also pay attention to the safety and environmental protection of the process of production and management.  Enterprises focus on the production and construction of enterprises, strictly control the quality of products, produce high quality and diversified products, and achieve the goal of high efficiency and energy saving. At the same time, enterprises will strengthen the management of production safety and environmental protection, increase investment, increase the intensity of the upgrading of equipment, eliminate safety hazards, adhere to strict national standards of environmental protection requirements, the full implementation of cleaner production, to create a safe, comfortable, environmentally friendly and healthy working environment, enhance corporate social image.

          The construction and development of the enterprises have achieved good economic and social benefits, and made great efforts and contributions to the economic construction of the enterprises.