The Sixteenth National wood-based panel industry development seminar

时间:2017-10-23 10:11:51  

          In September 22, 2017, the representatives of the Weihua joint-stock group participated in the Sixteenth National Wood-based Panel Industry Development Symposium and the fourth world wood-based panel conference. The conference was co sponsored by China Forest Products Industry Association, China green times society, China Academy of forestry industry and China Forestry Machinery Association. It was held in Linyi, Shandong.




          The meeting, the experts and scholars, the development of wood processing industry at home and abroad, the prospects for cooperation of wood-based panels industry in China: opportunities and challenges of the sharing of views; and trends of Linyi forestry industrial structure adjustment and the development of wood-based panel industry environmental protection standards and policies, and the importance of wood-based panel enterprises clean and safe production China's wood-based panel status and improve the quality of proposals for a keynote speech. The meeting published the report on China's wood-based panel industry in 2017 and the group standard of T/CNFPIA 4002-2017 "China timber legality identification".


          In the conference, Weihua shares deeply realized that our wood-based panel industry is in the upgrading stage of the whole industry chain. Weihua shares will closely follow the footsteps of the industry, pay attention to environmental protection production and technological innovation, and enhance the enterprise in an all-round way.