Interpretation of the Ministry of environmental protection and interpretation of environmental super

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Although environmental protection storm intensified in 2017 will soon be over, but it will still taifashenwei in 2018. In the storm, many wood enterprises have a variety of questions about environmental supervision. Faced with these problems, Liu Changgen, deputy director of the state environmental protection inspection office and Liu Youbin, the inspector of propaganda and Education Department of the Ministry of environmental protection, responded to these questions at the December regular press conference recently held by the Ministry of environmental protection.



Is the central environmental inspector accountable for the great thunder and the small raindrops? Lack of accountability?

Liu Changgen: for environmental supervision, it is necessary to promote the rectification of specific environmental problems and the strict liability for the damage of the ecological environment. The first batch of 8 provinces (regions) has accountability to the public, including 130 department level cadres, 24 departmental level cadres in the. Up to now, the second batch of accountability work has been basically completed. From the overall perspective, compared with the first batch, accountability is increasing and will also be released to the public in the future. The list of people responsible for various places, including the names, duties, reasons for accountability and so on, is in the grasp. Public work is local authority, and it is relatively small at the beginning, but later came to the third batch and the fourth batch. The central environmental protection department has asked the local authorities to increase the publicity of typical cases.


What are the common problems found by the central environmental inspectors?

Liu Changgen A: the central environmental inspectors found in the main common problems following several aspects, one is the atmosphere and water environment problems in some areas is outstanding; two environmental infrastructure lags behind; three is the number of illegal approval, illegal construction area of natural protection; four is the over exploitation of water resources; the five is the problem of industrial pollution is still more outstanding; six is the prominent environmental problems in rural areas. These problems are related to the local Party committee government, which does not pay attention to, does not act and does not.


The central environmental supervision group after the departure of the local relaxation of the rectification, supervision effect is discounted?

Liu Changgen: at the beginning of environmental supervision, especially in the first and second batches, some places did have a few rebounded problems. In this case, we want a lot of ways, for example, we have a list of scheduling, the environmental protection inspector rectification scheme consists of several aspects, one is the local Party committee and government leaders this month according to the instructions of the inspector rectification, on-site supervision; the two party is introduced the long-term mechanism of important policies and regulations and system; three is the key problem rectification; four is the number of departments and cities as the main responsibility for rectification, the rectification of the task; five is to supervise the situation of local Party committees and governments, all these will give us a report. Our list is very detailed. For the reporting situation, we will organize the superintendent to check and verify the following warning and reminder.


What research achievements have been made in the cause of heavy pollution weather by the National Joint Center for the prevention and control of air pollution?

Liu Youbin said: in September this year, the Ministry officially launched the cause of heavy pollution and research projects, after the start of the project, participating experts in-depth line, actively participate in the local particulate source apportionment, air pollutant emission inventory preparation, to deal with heavy pollution weather, emergency plan revision work, to provide decision-making support for the local atmosphere pollution prevention and control work. With the continuous intervention of experts, the problem of air pollution in autumn and winter is being successfully solved under the joint efforts of all parties. It is particularly worth mentioning is that in November 4th, there was a heavy pollution in Beijing and Tianjin and the surrounding areas, start heavy pollution weather because of the orange signal warning, timely implementation of emission reduction measures, joint action, accurate response, greatly reducing the impact of heavy pollution, the main pollutant emission reduction in the proportion of about 20%, pollution concentration the peak is lower than predicted, the duration is relatively short, a typical case of this year to deal with heavy pollution weather.


During the period of the central environmental supervision, what are the issues that the masses have reported?

Liu Changgen said: in the first round of the 104 thousand inspectors to do the masses, the inspector's office made a comb, one is the side of the masses of environmental pollution "small", this kind of reporting the highest proportion, accounting for about 65% of the total, mainly related to the masses around the entertainment catering fumes, noise, site dust, sewage, garbage, processing small workshops and other "small" pollution. It is also a number of environmental pollution problems, such as regional and watersheds, which involve public interests. About 27% of the total, such as water pollution, ecological destruction, and the area pollution around the factory and mine. There are also some letters and visits related to the proximity effect, about 5%. In addition, there is a small part of the interest disputes, or "peer report", about 3%.


In the year of the "ten atmosphere", can the tasks be completed in all parts of the country?

Liu Youbin said: in 2013 the State Council issued the "air ten", is a historical process of air pollution prevention and control in the milepost type file, not only summarizes the progress and problems of air pollution prevention and control work in the past, the research also put forward to solve the air pollution prevention and control work in the new period. In 2016, the average concentration of inhalable particulate matter (PM10) in 338 cities of China was 15.5% lower than that in 2013. The average concentration of particulate matter (PM2.5) in Beijing, Tianjin, Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta decreased by more than 30%. In addition, we have just released the 1-11 in 2017 the air quality situation, January -11 months, the national PM10 fell 21.5% over the same period in 2013, Tianjin, the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta PM2.5 decreased by 38.2%, 31.7%, 25.6%, of which the concentration of PM2.5 in Beijing City, close to 60 micrograms / cubic meter. Experts have analyzed the idea that the air quality improvement target proposed by the 'ten atmosphere' can be achieved.


What are the new changes in the six regional supervision institutions of the Ministry of environmental protection (Ministry of environmental protection)?

Liu Changgen: in the near future, the six regional supervision institutions in our department have been transformed from the public institutions to the administrative institutions. In the past two years, the cadres and workers of the six regional supervision institutions have been able to come and fight, win the battle and work well in a solid job and a tough way of work. They have become the main force of the central environmental protection inspector. The transformation is actually "double turn", one is from "center" to "bureau", from institution to administrative unit, the two is from "supervision" to "inspector" to better undertake the task of central environmental protection inspector.


How to treat the natural gas heating season since some villages and communities is not enough, the instability of the gas?

Liu Youbin answer: clean heating, warm winter, the relationship between them is not contradictory, is "in laws" instead of "enemy", "coal to gas" and "coal to electricity" is not only to improve the quality of the air taken into energy, is also an important measure to improve the living standards of urban and rural people's livelihood is a hundred-percent engineering. We believe that under the joint efforts of all sectors of society, the replacement of clean heating by coal to gas and coal to electricity will surely do a good job and play an increasingly important role in improving the quality of atmospheric environment and improving the living standards of people in rural areas.


In the central environmental supervision, how many enterprises are discontinued or shut down because they are not satisfied?

Liu Changgen answer: there are a few cases of shutdown, in fact, in 8 and September, the public opinion reflected a lot of "one size fits all" problem. The inspectors stationed around the existence of individual places, especially individual grassroots party committees and governments, fearing inspector accountability, indiscriminately, take emergency stopping business, such as the simple and crude way to deal with the inspectors, to people's production and life bring inconvenience, this is the senior black on the central environmental protection inspector "". From the actual situation, this situation is a other, local, short time, is a typical local environmental laziness behavior. We are resolutely opposed to this, and we have found that together to correct them together, and to ask the local people to do a few things, and to deal with it seriously.