The Ministry of environmental protection is in a tight and orderly way to advance the "five steps"

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         [Abstract]The so-called new officer took three fire! Li Ganjie, the Minister of the new Ministry of environmental protection, immediately put forward a new idea of "five steps" environmental supervision, and the enforcement of environmental protection was becoming more and more powerful. The Ministry of environmental protection recently informed, will strictly control "scattered sewage enterprises" as one of the most important content of strengthening supervision, to upgrade the emission standards of the enterprise, shall be closed before the end of September this year. The second half of the Ministry of environmental protection environmental protection strict regulation, in the history of the most stringent "environmental law". At the same time, to ensure the supervision of the storm "five step" effect, make the enterprise law-abiding gradually become the norm.


Tianjin and surrounding: unable to upgrade discharge enterprises before the end of September will be fully shut down, power, water, clear

      According to the central broadcasting network, the Shanghai securities news, the Ministry of Environmental Protection announced in July 14th, by the end of June, the 28 city of Tianjin and surrounding areas have been found scattered nuclear pollution "enterprise 17.6, to upgrade emissions standards of the enterprise, will be closed before the end of September this year.





          Secretary for environmental monitoring of air pollution prevention and control since the Tian Weiyong report, Tianjin and surrounding areas to strengthen the supervision to carry out three months, to strengthen the supervision and inspection group has more than 3.2 enterprises, of which more than 2 enterprises environmental law issues, accounting for more than 64%, especially the "scattered pollution enterprises, pollution control facilities are not perfect the number of outstanding issues such as illegal. "By the end of June, around the verification report" scattered sewage "enterprises reached 17.6, the end of September, requirements can not be upgraded to enterprises will be closed down. In the winter, if this kind of problem is found, we should not only deal with the enterprises strictly, but also blame the local government. By strengthening supervision, we hope to solve the stubborn disease in the control of air pollution. "


          Tian Weiyong said that the Ministry of environmental protection implement very strict system to write off, "scattered pollution remediation enterprise as an example, to shut down the enterprise must realize the" two three ", that is, cutting off water and electricity, cleaning equipment, cleaning materials clear. Previously, the oversea supervision over the oversize, "environmental supervision to influence the local economy" has aroused widespread concern.  In this regard, Tian Weiyong responded, take the pressure on the illegal business environment, and will not affect the normal development of social economy. "No formalities, no governance facilities, no emission of" scattered pollution "three enterprises should not exist anywhere.


          The new minister of environmental protection: the history of the most stringent "environmental law". At the same time, to make the inspection storm "five step" effect

          This year is the annual activity of the Ministry of environmental protection for the implementation of the environmental protection law in third years. But Tian Weiyong said that in some areas of environmental violations punishment is still insufficient, the Beijing Tianjin Hebei region and the number of cases is lower than the national average. Hebei, Jilin and other eight provinces and districts, more than 50% of the districts and counties do not apply the "environmental protection law" four supporting measures.

          "If some of the most strict 'environmental law' weapons in history have not been used, how is the" environmental law "landing?" Tian said that in the past, environmental law enforcement was fined only by one means. Now, the four supporting measures have given the environmental protection department more power. Tian Weiyong said, will continue to increase efforts to promote the effectiveness of law enforcement.



          During the implementation of the "environmental law", the supervision of the storm is also in accordance with the "five steps" of the new environmental minister, Li Ganjie. As the saying goes, "the new official takes up three fires", and the new minister of environmental protection, Li Ganjie, took office in June 27th this year. After Li Ganjie took office, the first public event was to meet the fourth batch of training personnel for the supervision of air pollution prevention and control in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei and the surrounding area. At the meeting, Li Ganjie proposed the new management idea of "five steps" environmental supervision.




Li Ganjie, born in November 1964, from Wangcheng, Hunan. In June 27, 2017, Li Ganjie took the place of Chen Jining, the acting mayor of Beijing, as the Minister of environmental protection, and became the youngest state department head.

The so-called "five steps" is a set of "combination boxing", which is to supervise, handle, patrol, interview and special inspectors. Specifically:
The first step: inspection, that is, the inspectors find the problem on the spot.

The second step is to assign important issues related to the improvement of environmental quality. The Ministry of environmental protection will issue the document to the local government, which is "record the accounts and hang up the bill".

The third step: the inspection, the various departments of the Ministry of environmental protection sent patrol around the government "hang" is completed, how is the progress?

The fourth step: interview, if the inspection shows that the progress of management is slow and the rectification is ineffective, the Ministry of environmental protection will discuss the relevant leadership of the local government. After the interview, the Ministry of environmental protection will send people back to look back.

The fifth step: special inspectors, for "still completely indifferent", will start the "mobile" pinpoint "central special inspectors, accountable to the people, to ensure that the issues have been fully resolved.

Environmental supervision will not stop! Focus on the end of the year! See when to start looking up your factory?



Knock on the blackboard: the focus of environmental supervision every month in the second half of the year?

7-8 key: monthly inspection supervision over whether to complete before the end of June the sewage licensing work; "elevated source automatic monitoring equipment installation and networking and operation situation of industrial pollution emissions.


September: key inspection before the end of September, the city administrative area of all coal-fired boiler emissions of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and particulate air pollutants implement special emission limits. We shall investigate and deal with the emission of excess standard in accordance with the law. Whether to complete the production plan and supervision over the list of peak work, staggering production enterprises in the implementation of key industries, to undertake the task according to the approved maximum allowable production load, and require the approval or filing according to "work plan".

Inspecting the focus after October:

(a) "small scattered pollution enterprises before the end of October banned task completion;

(two) 10 tons of steam and coal-fired boilers, and small coal stove stove, operating out of work completed before the end of October;
(three) special emission limits of SO2, NOx and particulate air pollutants discharged from coal-fired boilers.

(four) the discharge of emission permits in the steel and cement industries;
(five) the discharge of the industrial pollution sources to reach the standard.

Time arrangement for environmental supervision in various provinces and cities?

Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei region:

The inspection scope: "2+26" city specifically in Beijing, Tianjin, Shijiazhuang, Tangshan, Baoding, Langfang, Cangzhou, Hengshui, Handan, Xingtai City, Hebei Province, Taiyuan, Yangquan, Changzhi, Jincheng City, Shanxi Province, Ji'nan, Zibo, Liaocheng, Dezhou, Binzhou, Jining, Heze City, Shandong Province, Henan Province, Zhengzhou Hebi, Anyang, Xinxiang, Jiaozuo, Puyang, Kaifeng.

Supervision content: special supervision on the prevention and control of air pollution.

Guangdong Province:

Inspection time: June 2017 -2018 February, for a period of 9 months.

Inspection scope: Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan, Dongguan, Zhongshan, Jiangmen, Zhaoqing, Qingyuan, Yunfu 9 cities.
Supervision: the province to mobilize about 2000 environmental law enforcement personnel, carry out inspection of air and water pollution control project for a period of 9 months, 18 rounds of 9 city.

The contents include: supervision over the implementation of "ten gas", "water ten" atmosphere, strengthening measures work in progress, "scattered pollution", "ten small" enterprises, the drinking water source protection areas banned the illegal construction projects, the focus of petition case, key industries pollution remediation, focus on river pollution remediation, focus on comprehensive improvement of regional environmental conditions, and other tasks assigned by supervision.

Shandong Province:

Inspection time: June 28, 2017 -2018 March 31st, for a period of 9 months.

Inspection scope: 7 transport channel cities, namely: Ji'nan, Zibo, Jining, Dezhou, Liaocheng, Binzhou, Heze city.

Supervision content: first, the operation of environmental protection facilities and the discharge of standard in key industry enterprises. Two is the "small scattered pollution" enterprises investigation and suppression of the situation.



Jiangsu Province:

Inspection time: 5 -8 month, July 7th

Scope of Supervision: Xuzhou, Nantong and Yangzhou

Inspection content: focus on understanding the municipal Party committee and government environmental protection major decision implementation, environmental protection, key tasks to promote regional environmental quality improvement, ecological civilization system reform to promote the outstanding environmental problems, and treatment and environmental protection responsibility for the implementation of other content deployment, inspectors focus on local Party committees and governments and relevant departments of environmental protection not as chaotic as the situation, the central focus of the supervision of environmental protection inspectors feedback progress of the rectification and the "263" special action.


Sichuan Province:

Inspection time: May 2017 -2018 February (November 2017 -2018 February for the key inspection time), for a period of 10 months.

Inspection scope: Chengdu, Deyang, Mianyang, Suining, Leshan, Ya'an, Meishan, Ziyang 8 cities as the focus.

Supervision content: special supervision on the prevention and control of air pollution.

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