The State Council issued guidance on speeding up the construction of electric vehicle charging infr

时间:2015-12-25 10:25:11  

        Recently, the office of the State Council issued the directive on speeding up the construction of electric vehicle charging infrastructure (hereinafter referred to as "opinion"), and deployed to speed up the construction of electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

        "Opinion" clearly, China's YISHION electric drive is the main strategic orientation of new energy vehicle development, in accordance with the overall planning, scientific layout, moderate advance, ordered the construction of a unified standard, common open innovation mechanism based on the market, the principle, and strive to 2020, basically built a modest advance, intelligent and efficient, with the car pile charging infrastructure charging system, to meet the needs of more than 5 million electric cars.

        The "opinion" proposed that the special planning and design and guidance of the construction of the charging infrastructure should be strengthened. The relevant contents of the special planning of the charging infrastructure should be included in the urban and rural planning. In principle, the proportion of parking spaces for new residential buildings, parking lots for large public buildings, parking lots for public buildings, or for public parking lots or for construction and charging facilities are 100%, 10% and 10%, respectively. Every 2000 electric vehicles are equipped with at least one public charging station.

       According to the "opinions", the local government will release the charging infrastructure planning before the end of March 2016, formulated the measures for charging infrastructure construction management. The State Development and Reform Commission and the State Energy Administration will cooperate with relevant departments to strengthen departments and strengthen guidance and supervision over various parts of the country.

                                                                       Source: Shanghai Securities newspaper

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