18 listed companies have invested a large amount of lithium battery projects over 50 billion yuan

时间:2015-06-25 10:30:00  

        Under the background of the activation of the new energy vehicle industry chain, the listed company's firepower has accelerated the layout of the new energy industry chain through the fixed increase and so on. The upstream lithium battery and the downstream charging pile become the most intensive investment field. Especially for the lithium battery industry chain, according to incomplete statistics from reporters, there are at least 18 listed companies investing heavily in lithium battery projects this year, with an investment of over 50 billion yuan.

        Take the new energy car leading BYD as an example, in the second half of last year, the BYD dual model mixed model "Qin" once failed to meet the demand, not delivered to the order of Ceng Chao 8500. BYD chairman Wang Chuanfu at the time confessed that BYD "Qin" did not dare to boldly plan on the capacity, and the battery became the bottleneck of the capacity of the Qin car type. To this end, BYD launched a 15 billion yuan increase in the evening of June 3rd this year. Among them, the total investment of iron power lithium ion battery expansion project is 6 billion 23 million yuan, and it is expected to invest 6 billion yuan. After the project is completed, the power battery production capacity will be added for 6Gwh/ years, all of which will be used to meet the needs of BYD's new energy vehicle production.

        In addition to BYD, Del Home Furnishing, shanshangufen, Southeast, Lucky Film, Chinese duofuduo, Baoan, listed companies have also increased the lithium battery industry chain by the way set by. In addition, Chengfei integration has also launched a huge investment plan for lithium batteries. In August 10th the company announced that evening, a subsidiary of Changzhou air lithium intends to Jiangsu Jintan district government in the local industrial park jointly invest in the construction of "China Aviation lithium ion power battery project, project planning for 1000 acres, a total investment of 12 billion 500 million yuan. Among them, the air lithium will contribute at least 30% 4 billion yuan of registered capital of the item company, which is not less than 1 billion 200 million yuan. At the same time, the air lithium also plans to invest 1 billion 450 million yuan to build three projects in the Luoyang industrial park. According to this calculation, the price of air lithium lithium battery business will invest at least 2 billion 650 million yuan.

        The charging facility is another area of intensive investment for listed companies. CLOU electronics in the late May 25th release of the set up plan showed that the investment of 3 billion 78 million yuan will have 576 million yuan for the charging network intelligent cloud platform project. The set up plan issued in May 25th shows that the proposed fund raising is not more than 5 billion 200 million yuan, of which 1 billion yuan is used for the intelligent new energy vehicle energy station project. The company said that unlike the current "new energy vehicle" widely used in the "charging mode", the energy station intends to take the independent research and development of the "power battery replacement" based on the charging mode. Compared with the charging mode, the mode of power transformation shows significant competitive advantages in terms of replacement time, battery life, land acquisition and investment recovery period.

                                                                                                                                                                                 The source of the article: China Securities newspaper

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