Medium / high density fiberboard (M/HDF) is made of wood fiber or other plant fiber as raw material, adding urea formaldehyde resin or other synthetic resins. It is pressed under heating and pressure. The thickness of various products is 2.0~40.0mm, and its density is 450~880kg/M3. It has the characteristics of moderate density, hard surface and smooth surface, large amplitude, uniform internal structure, excellent physical and mechanical properties and so on. Complex mechanical processing can be made on the surface and side. Its smooth and stable surface is a good substrate for paint coating, thin wood or veneer, screen printing, molding processing and hot die pressure of PVC film. The uniform and fine side makes the machining performance superior to other wood-based panels, and can be processed by sawing, milling and other methods, and directly decorating the surface. Medium / high density fiberboard with its excellent physical properties, widely used in indoor and outdoor decoration, office, high-grade furniture, car audio, senior interior decoration, also can be used as a material for making computer room antistatic flooring, wall panels, anti-theft door, wall, partition etc.. It is also a good packaging material, and it is a substitute for high grade hardwood to be directly processed into a composite floor and a fortified floor.